FAQ N-Points

FAQ N-Points

1. How does the savings programme work?

With every purchase you make in the Nooteboom Shop you automatically collect Nooteboom points, i.e. N-Points. You can redeem these N-Points for a discount on your next purchase.

2. What are N-Points?

N-Points stands for Nooteboom points. You collect these for free with every purchase in the Nooteboom Shop.

3. How can I earn N-Points?

With every purchase you make in the Nooteboom Shop you automatically collect free N-Points.

4. Can I get N-points as a gift?

Yes you can, in several ways.

  • For instance, by including your birthday in your account details (if you haven’t done so already). You will receive extra N-Points on your birthday.
  • By inviting friends to open an account in the Nooteboom Shop. Go to Account and click on Points. As soon as the friend you invited places an order we will add 250 N-Points to your account.
  • When you sign up for the Nooteboom Shop Newsletter you’ll automatically receive 250 N-Points.

5. How many N-Points do I get?

For every euro you spend in the Nooteboom Shop you are given 2.5 N-Points. As a Silver member you earn 5 N-Points per euro and a Gold member receives 7.5 N-Points for every euro.

6. How much discount do I get for a N-point?

For every 100 N-Points you will get €1 discount.

7. How do I find out how many N-Points I’ve collected?

You can check this by going to your Account – N-Points.

8. Can I check my N-Point history?

Yes, you can check this by going to your Account – N-Points.

9. How do I know how many N-Points a product will earn me?

The number of N-Points you earn is clearly stated on every product in the Nooteboom Shop.

10. When can I redeem my N-Points?

You can redeem the N-Points you collected when you make your next purchase.

11. How can I choose how many N-Points I want to redeem?

When you check out you’ll see a small red bar in your basket. Slide the red dot along the bar to indicate how many N-points you want to redeem at the checkout. The discount will straightaway be deducted in your shopping basket.

12. Do I have to redeem N-Points for every purchase?

No, it’s up to you whether you use your N-Points and if you do, how many. However, you can never use more N-Points than you’ve collected or that are worth more than your purchase.

13. What does my member status mean?

Everyone starts out as a Bronze Member, but as you spend more in the Nooteboom Shop you can become a Silver Member or even a Gold Member. The higher your status, the more points you earn.

14. Do I collect more N-Points with a higher member status?

Yes you do: if you are a Bronze Member you receive 2.5 N-point per €1. As a Silver member €1 earns you 5 N-points and a Gold Member collects 7.5 N-point per €1.

15. For how long do my N-Points remain valid?

Your points will remain valid your whole life. However, your status is calculated by taking into account your purchases over the last 12 months. If you are in danger of losing your status we will notify you four weeks in advance.

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