Saving with N-Points

Why saving with N-Points?

4 reasons why you want to save with N-Points:

  • Collect points for extra discount
  • Choose your own discount
  • The more active you are, the bigger the discount
  • Let us know when it’s your birthday and we will send you a nice gift on you birthday.

How does saving N-Points work?
Everyone who shops in the Nooteboom Shop will automatically collect free Nooteboom points, i.e. N-Points. You earn 2.5 N-point per euro.

Choose your discount
Exchange your saved N-Points for a discount of your choice. When you pay at the checkout you decide how many points you want to redeem.

Member status
Everyone starts out as a Bronze Member, but as you spend more in the Nooteboom Shop you can become a Silver Member or even a Gold Member. The higher your status, the more points you collect. The earnings model is as follows:

Bronze member:
Silver member:
Gold member:

€1 = 2.5 N-Points
€1 = 5 N-Points
€1 = 7.5 N-Points

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