Friday 23 December 2016

Nooteboom Membercard - new style

In March 2017 we will switch to a ‘new style’ Nooteboom MemberCard. Anyone who places an order in the online shop will automatically become a member of the Nooteboom Shop. And what’s more, they can straightaway take advantage of all sorts of benefits. This also means that from now on you won’t have to pay a fee for your MemberCard.

What will change?
The 5% member discount will be replaced by a new savings programme. Points are automatically saved in this programme and can be used to get a discount on any subsequent orders.  

The benefits: 

  • You are saving points automatically at no cost; with every purchase the points will be added to your account
  • You can use the saved points to claim a discount on any subsequent order 
  • When you check out you decide yourself how many points you want to use for a discount
  • You can also save up points for Nooteboom Shop articles that can only be ordered and paid for with points
  • The more active you are, the more points you save, the bigger the advantage  
  • A free copy of the online Magazine 'Giants on the Road'.
  • This is the start of our ‘new style’ member system. In the course of next year we will keep you informed about even more advantages.

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