Thursday 23 January 2020

Fury Bear presents the 1:14 Nooteboom OSDS-48-03EB

Fury Bear presents the new Nooteboom OSDS-48-03EB extendible semi lowloader on a 1:14 scale during the 2020 Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg. Fury Bear has developed the new 1:14 trailer in collaboration and under license with Nooteboom Trailers. The aim was to recreate the trailer as truthfully as possible and to develop the same functions that the original Nooteboom semi lowloader has. We succeeded! The trailer is made entirely of CNC machined aluminum and has 3 axles, an extendable loading floor, 1 self-tracking axle, extendible loadfloor widening, the supportlegs and ramps can be controlled remotely. The scale model is executed with automatic folding ramps, offering a low angle of inclination,just like the original Nooteboom OSDS, have air-suspended axles through the air bellows. This function can also be controlled remotely. To complete the model, the Fury Bear Nooteboom OSDS-48-03 semi lowloader is equipped with storage and toolboxes, lashing rings, fire extinguisher and width marker plates and of course the official Nooteboom logos. To complete the model, even the instruction labels and the other markings have been placed on the trailer.   

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