Friday 16 February 2018

Already 350,000 N-Points issued to more than 600 members

Everyone with an account in the Nooteboom Shop receives free and automatic N-Points with every purchase. In the meantime, over 350,000 N-Points have already been issued to more than 600 members. Keep an eye on our newsletter, because you regularly save double points on our Nooteboom articles!

Choose your discount
Exchange your saved N-Points for a discount of your choice. When you pay at the checkout you decide how many points you want to redeem.

Member status
Everyone starts out as a Bronze Member, but as you spend more in the Nooteboom Shop you can become a Silver Member or even a Gold Member. The higher your status, the more points you collect. The earnings model is as follows:

Bronze member: €1 = 2.5 N-Points
Silver member: €1 = 5 N-Points
Gold member: €1 = 7.5 N-Points

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