Friday 16 June 2017

1:50 Boekestijn 7-axle Ballasttrailer

In 2015 Nooteboom introduced a new standard with the Ballasttrailer OVB-95-07 for the transport of crane ballast. The trailer has been improved to meet the requirements as laid down in German legislation. Nooteboom uses sophisticated technology and high-grade steel to keep the dead weight as low as possible. And what’s more, the OVB-95-07 can be combined with either a 6×4 or an 8×4 tractor unit.

The first 7-axle Ballasttrailer was delivered at the well-known Dutch crane company Boekestijn. The Dutch company Boekestijn has only Nooteboom Ballasttrailers in his fleet. Especially for his LTM 1500 crane Boekestijn bought two of the latest 7-axle Ballasttrailers from Nooteboom. And now we introduce to you our 1:50 scale model of the 7-axle Ballasttrailer of Boekestijn. 

Go get it here:


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